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You need to have a magickal mindset to live a magickal life! 

Now there is an opportunity for you to become an Inncer Circle Member and bring the magick to all areas of life! 

You get to discover your power and be part of an amazing community that supports you in your journey to bring about real changes in your daily life. 

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Membership is OPEN! 


The circle only opens to new members a few times a year so don't miss your opportunity!! 


I'm so excited to offer this opportunity to connect with this amazing community of people while exploring your Intuitive and Magickal journey!

I'm excited because I'll get to connect with you personally as you discover how to transform your life and begin to manifest all the things that you desire in life.

You don't need to have any previous knowledge of "The Woo Woo Stuff" or be of any certain belief system. I strive to teach in a totally secular way so that you can gain real and actionable practices and information that you can blend into whatever your belief system may be. 

Yes, that means we will be reaching into ALL the Woo Woo areas to allow you to work towards success using all types of skills, talents, and gifts. Intuitive development, manifesting practices, magickal practices, meditations, energy alignments, crystal grids, herbal remedies, and more!  
Put into action what you'd like and disregard what doesn't resonate with your personal beliefs. 

You'll be taking action each month towards your transformation by learning and putting into practice such things as:
  • How to tap into your Intuitive gifts to allow yourself clear guidance and insight 
  • The ways of natural witchcraft and how to adapt it to modern life
  • How to implement steps that can be taken to allow the removal of obstacles from your path
  • Learn to merge your everyday mundane tasks with magickal energies
  • Channeled guidance for the upcoming month
  • Classes to learn the basics, techniques, tips, and secrets of Living a Magickal Life
  • Learn about Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, and Divination
  • Learn to step into your Personal Power to allow Ease and Flow Manifesting  


Plus more to allow you to become the powerful, magickal, amazing person that you were put here to be!


No special abilities, tools, or expensive exotic herbs needed! 

You'll learn to use what you have around you and within you to create powerful manifestations and changes for yourself. 


YOU are the most important ingredient

in your magickal transformation! 

So learn to be the most powerful ingredient you can be! 


Discover Your Intuitive Talents

Learn how to open up your intuition and recognize the signs and messages that are coming to you through Spirit. Psychic and Mediumship skills allow you to connect with and receive guidance that helps you to avoid major life pitfalls.

Learn and Expand your Craft

Learn the basics of working with energies as well as dive deeper into subjects that will help you build your magickal confidence and ability. No expensive tools or special skills required to bring magick into your everyday life in real, actionable ways allowing you to manifest the life you desire and deserve.

Be a part of a Supportive Community

You'll be surrounded by like-minded people that will help to support and encourage you along your path of discovery. No judgments, just acceptance.

Align Yourself to Receive

Keeping the entire system running in balance doesn't need to be a long, tedious process. We make it fun and fast with quick energy alignments, meditation secrets, and method based manifestation practices that are easy to implement into your daily life.

Heck yeah! I want to be a part of the Inner Circle Community




But we're going to go even a bit deeper than that so you can have a good understanding of how to apply your new skills in your daily life!

Plus you'll receive direct access to me LIVE within the Facebook Community!


How much better could it get?

Oh, how fun it will be!


LIVE stream classes for direct interaction and discussions!

Q & A sessions to be sure ALL your questions are answered.

Ability to book readings with me (which is only available to members!)



Each and every person in the community is included in the Full Moon and New Moon spells that occur each month to ensure a blast of energy to your personal power and endeavors FREE!

(Hey, that's usually $40 alone right there!)




You will not only learn new skills but you'll find yourself surrounded by loving, understanding, supportive, and like-minded people in the INNER CIRCLE members only community.