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Hiya! I'm Annika....

And yes, I'm a witch!  

I'm also an intuitive psychic and card reader and I've been practicing all of it for over 35 years. I have been teaching my methods since 2003 and online since 2009. I help people discover their psychic and mediumship abilities. I also help those who struggle making witchcraft part of their daily lives by offering courses, tools, and mentoring to help learn practical ways to use intuitive abilities and/or witchery to empower themselves so they can live their most magickal life. 

When you learn to marry intuition with magick your life simply can not resist positive transformation!

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What Can I Do To Help You?

I HELP MODERN WITCHES CREATE PRACTICAL AND POWERFUL MAGICKAL PRACTICES THAT FIT THEIR BUSY LIVES by providing tools, resources, and services to take you from overwhelmed to empowered with practical everyday witchcraft practices to support your goals in life and magick.

Discover Your Intuition Course

It's time to discover your intuition to allow for the guidance and messages from Spirit to enter your life! A seven week, comprehensive course designed to be easy, fun, and understandable for the beginner to the professional.

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Inner Circle Membership

This is THE place to come together in a community of other ah-mazing people to learn and share. In the Inner Circle you'll find classes, LIVE interaction, Full Moon and New Moon virtual gatherings, and so much more!

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Ooooo, what's in the shop?

I love to create things to help you along your magickal journey as well as offer services to support your intentions as well. You'll find tools, talisman, services, and my sought after candles just to name a few things. Offerings of digital products too!  

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Discover Your Mindset to Manifest

You have to have a magickal mindset to live a magickal life. Let's get you into that Magickal Mindset and looking through Mystical Eyes so that you can fully understand your power!

Align the Mind, Body, and Spirit to Receive

Everything else has to fall into place too in order for it all to fall together right?!?!  We'll get you Ready to Receive all the ah-mazing things you decide to manifest for yourself.

Back It With Magick

Your witchcraft is all about you being the power behind it all. It doesn't have to be complicated, ceremonial, expensive, or hard! I'll show you how to include magick in your daily life with the things and schedule that you already have.

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